• Adaptive learning platform:

    Fast-forward your strategic agenda with personalized learning journeys

  • Why Triggerz Adaptive Learning Platform?

    A company’s success is determined by its ability to convert strategy into action through changed behaviour and mindset. This means that professional and personal development of leaders and specialists is high on any corporate agenda.


    The Triggerz learning experience platform offers an effective digital approach to strategic people development. Triggerz empowers users to “Take charge of their competencies” by offering new tools to navigate to the right learning opportunity at the right time.

    Promise of adaptive learning platform: Take charge of your competencies

    Triggerz has, in close partnership with companies like Novo Nordisk and the ISS Group, created an adaptive learning platform that can personalize a range of learning journeys to the needs of the individual participant.

    Your Most Valuable User Journey?

    Consider what learning journey would be the most valuable to upgrade in order to drive critical change in your company:

    For each of the journeys, Triggerz offers a stand-alone solution – fast to configure, pilot and release.


    When this first journey has proved valuable, you can easily add other Triggerz journeys and integrate with existing HR processes and -platforms.


    Triggerz creates learning journeys uniquely based on your company’s definition of critical behaviors. Based on this, the platform automatically matches content offers with the needs of the individual.


    Where could your company benefit the most from a user-centric, adaptive learning journey? We're happy to share insights from other leading companies working with Triggerz already.

    How Triggerz' learning platform drives change (2 minutes)

  • Learning Experience platform creates tailored learning

    1. Personalization beats one-size-fits-all

    One-size-fits-all training usually focuses on the needs of the average participant – not on the top talents or those who are truly weak in the subject area. Hence, not all topics in a program are equally relevant for everyone.


    It is much more effective to decompose learning into smaller learning "bites" and package them so each person gets exactly what they need.


    Triggerz makes it easy to combine smaller bites of learning and inspiration from different sources and suppliers into 100% personalized programs reflecting job role, experiences, challenges and, most importantly, what people are striving to improve.



  • Learning Experience platform allows for JIT learning

    2. Just-in-Time beats Just-in-Case

    Many corporate training programs train people to handle many different situations that might happen – to some of them, some day.


    A more effective approach is to make it easy to instantly find the help they need - when they need it. If you are going to have a difficult conversation with a low performing employee tomorrow, it's not easy to remember the bullet points from a leadership training program 3 years ago. What you need is access to most recent best practices RIGHT NOW to help you plan this conversation - and maybe a suggestion on an internal resource, who is an acknowledged champion in this area.


    Triggerz makes it very easy to find what you need when you need it – by search, by type of learning material, by competency or by topic.




  • Learning Experience platform supports bite sized learning

    3. Bite-sized beats Set Menus

    Everybody's busy. Surviving the daily whirlwind of tasks and distractions takes up most of our time and attention.


    So when we are looking for new inspiration we generally prefer short-and-sweet to long-and-slow.


    This reality has lead to a rise in the demand for bite-sized learning: Bites of inspiration, that stimulates good thinking or helps us past a practical challenge - but without taking more than a few minutes of our time.


    Preferred formats are short videos or practical tools that we can quickly digest.


    Often one bite creates an appetite for the next. But, we generally prefer a light meal of tasty bites compared to signing up for a 2-hour set menu.


    This changes the way we consume learning - and it calls for adaptive learning platforms that are build to meet these needs. Platforms just like Triggerz.

  • Learning Experience platform supports variety

    4. Variety and choice increase attractiveness

    As training budgets are limited, most companies focus on developing learning material for the most widely requested topics.


    This means, for instance, that few companies offer training in niche topics such as “AI for dummies”, “Building a team culture of daily innovation” or other popular TED Talks or HBR articles. That is a huge loss of opportunity.


    Picking out the relevant bites of the enormous – and often free – curriculum available online is an attractive way to add variety and choice.


    Triggerz enables combining inspiration of any kind and from any approved source or type. The Triggerz Recommendation Engine will present a constantly updated list of learning content sorted by relevance to you.

  • Learning Experience platform empowers people

    5. Empowered people create better results

    If you put trust in good people who believe in what they are doing, you create a great force.


    If you then add decision room and a few good tools to help direct their efforts and overcome obstacles on the way – you will create virtually unstoppable teams.


    Triggerz works best in a learning culture based on trust and shared purpose. The technology does not succeed by itself. The magic emerges in the combination of the organizational willpower and Triggerz empowerment tools.