• Senior Learning Advisor & Partner, Frank Lilleøre

    Frank Lilleøre have joined Triggerz as Senior Learning Advisor and Partner. Frank is bringing +30 years of experience in corporate learning, academic research, education and consulting. Frank is holding a PhD in leadership development from Aarhus University and is Doctoral Candidate at University of Virginia/Darden Business School. Among his merits is that he was part of establishing a corporate university when he headed Global Talent & Leadership Development in Danske Bank 2006-2015.


    Franks main contribution will be to cement Triggerz’ position as the no.1 provider of personalized learning as he will be designing methods and tools aimed at maximizing the impact of learning delivered through Triggerz’ learning experience platform. Also, he will be contributing with new methodologies for assessing and developing the learning agility for individuals and teams, and to accelerate the learning culture in organizations. We call this new field LESS – Learning Enhancement Systems and Solutions. We believe that “LESS is more”.


    As his first endeavor Frank will focus on how to further personalize the learning experience by adding insights into how personality predicts learning preferences and hence how specific types of learning content should be filtered and recommended to match and supplement the personal preferences and behavior of the learner.


    We are eager to share our ideas and approaches, and to learn about your thoughts and practices around creating more by LESS. We will soon publish a white paper and are planning workshops and seminars in early spring. Sign up below if you would like updates on our LESS activities.

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