• Support traditional training

    Enhancing existing training programs with digital support - before, during and after

    "Supporting courses is a big thing for Triggerz"

  • The best of both worlds

    Triggerz Learning Platform is born digital. Still, we believe that good classroom training will play a huge role in building competencies - also 10 years from now.


    So, the question we asked ourselves was:


    "How can Triggerz increase the value of great classroom training programs?"


    Quite a few good answers presented themselves and today Triggerz supports 2 of the 5 largest course providers in Denmark.


    Examples of some of the Triggerz services that grew out of this question:


    Supporting the course, before, during and after:

    • Informing participants about the course and the instructors
    • Announcing and collecting pre-work (surveys, participant information etc.)
    • Update on changes (including notifications)
    • Participant lists
    • Discussion forum (lead by course instructor)
    • Assignments and tasks
    • All material in digital format

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    Examples will be added in January 2019