• Stimulate curiosity and individual development via 360 Feedback

  • "The 360 report is the beginning - not the end"

    Flemming Fog, CEO of Triggerz explaing the essense of Triggerz 360 in 47 seconds

  • Why?

    Two key drivers of individual development is curiosity and honest feedback – and a 360 feedback process stimulates both.


    As a 360 participant, you get a chance to assess yourself on a set of leadership behaviours – and get feedback on the exact same behaviours from your direct manager, your peers and your direct reports (if you have any).


    The result is a nuanced view on your personal strengths and development areas - and a resulting desire to address a few weaknesses as well as fine-tune a couple of individual strengths as well.

    Automated 3-weeks process

    Triggerz 360 is a fully automated process, completed in 3 weeks:

    • 360 participants are invited
    • Participants get 1 week to invite respondents (who are automatically invited and notified if they miss a deadline)
    • Participants get 2 weeks to complete their self-assessments
    • Full report ready

    Coaching is optional

    To get the maximum benefit from a 360 feedback process it is recommended to combine the feedback with a conversation with a trained coach. This service can be handled by the companies internally – or Triggerz can offer the service via a partner.

    Use generic competencies - or your own

    Triggerz offers 360s based on a generic set of Leadership Competencies – or it can be fully customized to a company specific competence structure.

    Inspirational content included

    The generic version includes over 200 inspirational pieces of content – primarily videos and articles – that will be offered to the 360 participants based on their scores as well as their desire to develop certain competencies. You can add your own, edit and delete.

    Step 1: Invite respondents

    Example: Invite respondents

    The 360 participants decides who to invite to give feedback in 4 categories: Direct Manager, Peers, Direct Reports and Others. Respondents are invited instantly and given 2 weeks to share their feedback. This is supported by automatic reminders for those who forget.

    Step 2: Assess behaviour

    Example: Assessing behaviour

    The 360 participant and the respondents complete the same questionnaire with the exception that respondents also get a chance to answer two open text questions: “What do you especially value about the person” and “What’s your best advice to the person”.

    Step 3: Get feedback

    Example: Getting feedback from all responses

    The date where all responses have been collected – 3 weeks after the invitation – the feedback is ready. The default view is a comparison between self-assessment and feedback from “All except me” – but the user can freely browse between feedback from different contributors*.

    A coaching session can be included in the flow. Printable pdf reports are available.

    *For privacy reasons, contributions from less that 3 people from “Direct reports” and “Others” are hidden.

    See how ISS uses Triggerz 360 to personalize learning journeys for 20.000 leaders around the world

    The Leading The ISS Way program is ambitious and forward looking in formats, in goals and in scale.


    At an event in ISS Corporate HQ in December 2018, Christian Lauritzen , Head of Group Learning & Development, ISS Group, shared the ideas and the status after the first year of global roll out.


    A core element in Leading The ISS Way are Triggerz 360.


    See videos and demonstrations from the ISS program here

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