• Key sources of inspiration

    Here we share our most important external sources of inspiration

    Josh Bersin

    (Our favorite industry analyst)

    Josh Bersin is the person who coined the term "Learning Experience Platform" (LXP) and defined it as something completely different from a "Learning Management System" (LMS).


    We developed the Triggerz based on a definite market need, but we did not know the term LXP until we saw Josh Bersin's definition in early 2017:


    "A relatively new breed of vendors, that serve as “learning experience” systems. They aggregate, curate, and add intelligence to content, without specifically storing content or authoring in any way. In a sense they develop a learning experience, and they are all modeled after magazine-like interfaces that enables users to browse, read, consume, and rate content"


    If you want inspiration on where the industry is going, the article below is a great place to start. It's from 2017 - but all concepts and predictions have only been confirmed and strengthened since it was published: "The disruption of digital learning - Ten things we have learned"


    In a video presentation from November 2018, Josh Bersin addresses the move from traditional training and into learning in the flow of work. This is worth its 45 minutes:

    Josh Bersin is quite active on social media - and he is worth following. Visit his homepage to sign up for your favorite media: Joshbersin.com

  • Cameron Hedrick, Chief Learning Officer at Citi,

    (Our favorite CLO)

    I stumbled over a podcast with Cameron Hedrick, while preparing for a visit to Citi's global HQ in New York.


    To me he represents a new generation of CLO that very much points us towards the future. He sees HR's role as "Behaviour design architects", he takes a very holistic approach to all cultural related issues and he is deeply anchored to Citi's business strategy.


    The podcast is almost 45 minutes, but in my opinion you can start 12 minutes in, where Cameron Hedrick joins the hosts: CLO Breakfast club, episode 7: Cameron Hedrick on Changing Behavior


    By the way: Peter Fox, Global Head of Digital Learning and Talent Technology at Citi, is coming to Copenhagen to deliver a keynote on February 28th 2019. If you have a chance, consider signing up here: Information & signup


    The conference is arranged in partnership between Devoteam Consulting and Triggerz

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    Peter Fox, Global Head of Digital Learning and Talent Technology at Citi. Giving a keynote in Copenhagen on February 28th 2019

  • Daniel Kahneman/Cerf Moran

    (Our favorite neuroscientists)