• a wide range of different training scenarios

    Triggerz is a helpful tool that empowers all employees in their professional development throughout their career.

    The employee life-cycle

    On-boarding support

    1. Onboarding support

    In the onboarding process the new hires are highly motivated – eager to get a better understanding of their future workplace and their new job. This is a golden opportunity for starting the new relationship on a high note.


    The organization can facilitate this onboarding process by using Triggerz to deploy personalized and role-base onboarding content. Digital on-demand services can be combined with personal links to coaches and peers, and the new hire stays on top of all the onboarding activities.


    Performance programs

    2. Performance programs

    Triggerz supplements performance programs with frequent feedback across competences as well as opportunities and inspiration on how to improve individual performance.

    Class-room programs

    3. Class-room programs

    Triggerz enables high engagement even before the first class-room session. Between sessions and afterwards Triggerz helps secure that what was learned is effectively applied to daily leadership behavior and job tasks.

    Fast roll-out of new initiatives

    4. Fast roll-out of new initiatives

    When new initiatives need to be deployed to many people with short notice, digital formats can be deployed fast. Triggerz offers an effective way to distribute new learning content to specific target groups – and follow up on the effect.

    New manager programs

    5. New manager programs

    When a new manager is appointed, the training need depends on their experience and basic skills. Triggerz can be used to deploy self-assessment tools and automatically tailor a new manager program to the individual need.

    Multi-dimensional, customized competencies

    6. Multi-dimensional, customized competencies

    The competencies critical for success vary greatly – between companies, roles, tasks, situations and people. Also, several different sets of competencies may matter: leadership competencies, technical skills, project skills, sales skills – and often a job role combines several skill sets. Triggerz makes it easy to structure any set of competencies and to differentiate them between roles. Triggerz' algorithms are designed to leverage any specific competence structure.