• What is Triggerz?

    Triggerz is an adaptive learning experience platform that supports great and stimulating user experiences

  • What is Triggerz?

    Triggerz focuses on the needs of large organizations, and we have made it easy to set up Triggerz to support the unique sets of competencies, KPI’s and job-profiles defined by each customer.


    The core of Triggerz' service is a highly scalable stream-based scoring and recommendation engine that intelligently matches all approved content offers with the specific needs and wants for each individual. The recommendations are based on machine learning, and algorithm findings grow increasingly more precise over time.


    The default end-user and management UIs are web-based and tailored to work well across mobile devices and desktop computers.


    We at Triggerz recognize our role as a targeted niche supplier who must fit into the complex IT ecosystems of large corporations. Triggerz' approach is to be as unobtrusive and integration friendly as possible. This is one of the reasons why we offer open API’s for data interfaces and selected services.

    Understand how Triggerz works in less than 2 minutes

    Empowering people to take charge of their competencies


    Planned development activities

    For you as an individual, Triggerz provides an overview of all your planned development activities – across different programs, and whether mandatory or chosen by yourself.

    Personalized feedback

    Personalized feedback motivates you and helps direct your focus to the exact competencies you will benefit the most from improving.

    Individually recommended content

    Triggerz gives you the opportunity to explore training content – recommended specifically for you – and sorted by what will best help you achieve your career objectives.


    Personalized email notifications bring new inspiration and keep you engaged