• Better feedback, instant action

    In the past, most training programs were cascaded down through the organization, and you would passively await HR's next education program. With Triggerz, you can now take an active role in your own development – take charge of your competencies.


    Below, you can explore examples of how a specific user, John Biles, Country Manager at B8, experiences Triggerz. A new user will typically start with fewer options available and we will gradually let the services expand as the learning journey evolves. When you walk through John's example, you will see how a Triggerz solution would look for a relatively advanced user.

  • John plans his training

  • The plan gives John an easy overview

    Overview of training plan

    The Plan page provides John with an overview of all the professional development actions he has planned to do: Mandatory actions, those that are system recommended and those he has selected himself. The plan contains different types of actions: micro simulations, surveys, videos, a classroom session, some pre-course assignments, micro-tasks, virtual coaching, and a virtual role play.

    John selects an action

    Select an action

    Each action is a link to a piece of content. John touches the action "Why good leaders make you feel safe" to make it expand and provide extra information. This content is available ”on demand” – and John clicks to start the experience right away.

    John watches the video

    Watch the video

    The action John chose is a free Youtube video. While the video is shown directly from youtube.com, it is embedded into Triggerz to make John’s experience well integrated. When he is done, he clicks ”Close”.

    John rates the video

    Rate the video

    Closing the video brings John to a Triggerz feedback page. John shares his positive evaluation, in order for this video to be recommended to his colleagues.

    John's boss asks for feedback

    Decide to give feedback

    The next action on John's plan is his boss Suzanne asking for feedback. John decides to spend the 2 minutes it takes, and opens this action.

    5 questions are easily done

    Quick feedback

    The questions about Suzanne show up one by one. Completing the 5 questions takes John only a minute.

  • John checks his feedback

  • Johns score is low

    Low score stands out

    John’s feedback page provides personal feedback reflecting his role as a Country Manager. John looks for areas he should improve. To his dismay, John notices that his "Building Great Teams" score has fallen slightly behind the average score for Country Managers in B8. He decides to take a closer look...

    John dives into a specific competence

    ”Dive into” a competence

    When John dives into the competence "Building Great Teams" Triggerz shows him the definition and the underlying behaviors, including their detailed scores. He checks out the development of his score for the last 90 days, compared to all Country Managers and compared to B8's definition of Proficiency and Excellence levels.

  • John finds his next training course

  • Johns personal recommendations

    Personal recommendations

    John clicks "Explore" to get an overview of all content objects that are relevant to him. They are ordered according to calculated effect and with respect for the required time investment. The recommendation is based on an analysis of John's strengths and development areas compared to his job role, and every content object is matched to his unique profile.

    Filtering by content types

    Filter by content types

    John contemplates what type of training he is in the mood for today: A video, an online course...or maybe a simulation?

    Filtering by competencies

    Filter by competencies

    John then focuses on the specific competence "Building Great Teams* and the list of training options is sorted by highest effect on this competence.

    Add to plan


    John finds just the right piece of training: "Shape your life with leadership" and adds it to his personal plan.

    john Schedules the ACTION for tomorrow

    Schedule the action

    John wants to set a deadline for himself, and schedules the training action for two months from today. This means that Triggerz will remind him of his commitment.

  • follow up

    Follow up

    John receives the follow up email of this week with links to his upcoming training actions. The email also contains direct links to new feedback from colleagues and new exciting content.