• management

    Lars Thorup


    Lars has been working with a number of tech startups and was one of the front runners of the Scandinavian Agile community. He is known as an in-depth technician who knows his tools and software architecture to his fingertips. If you want to discuss stream-processing techniques and recommendation algorithms, or if you might be a candidate for collaboration in our further development of Triggerz, talk to Lars.


    Email: lars@triggerz.com

    Phone: +45 6068 0968

    Flemming Fog


    Flemming is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of successful software products and servicing Global 500 companies at top management level. Flemming works with the complex needs of organizations to stay innovative in an ever-changing business environment. If you want to explore how Triggerz could help improve training effectiveness in your organization, talk to Flemming.


    Email: fog@triggerz.com

    Phone: +45 2722 0405

  • The team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Ian Kjær


    Ian is a designer gone software developer, experienced in creating digital user interfaces and experiences. Having worked with start-ups in both Denmark and abroad he has an eye for building digital products from the ground up, and also holds a BSc in Digital Media and Design. If you are interested in knowledge sharing around design and software development, talk to Ian.


    Email: ian@triggerz.com

    Ondřej Bureš


    Ondřej works with creating, maintaining and improving services, within both front- and back-end of the Triggerz platform. Ondřej is our first foreign JavaScript developer coming originally from the Czech Republic with previous experience of working abroad with various start-ups, software engineering and front-end development. He holds a MSc in System Engineering. If you want to talk about software development, talk to Ondřej.


    Email: ondrej@triggerz.com

    Kristian Dupont


    Kristian has just joined the team and will soon update his description.


    Email: kristian@triggerz.com

    Diana Tofan


    Diana has just joined the team and will soon update her description.


    Email: diana@triggerz.com

    Jonas Enevoldsen


    Jonas has experience from supporting a number of tech startups, both as an employed project manager and as a consultant. He advocates new technologies and their ability to embrace everyday and working life. Jonas enjoys applying technology into professional practices and are currently studying a MSc in Business Administration & E-business at CBS. If you are up for a talk on technologies and business, talk to Jonas.


    Email: jonas@triggerz.com